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OCR Document scanning
I.R.I.S. Document to Knowledge



Turn paper, images or PDF into editable text
Never retype any text again! Readiris 14 converts your paper, images or PDF files into editable digital text.
New OCR engine, faster than ever!
What's new?
- New OCR Engine: faster & more accurate than ever! - New -
- Scan to the Cloud: Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs, - New -
- Multi-core CPU and multitasks support - New -
- New user-friendly interface* (Office 2010 look) - New -
- Extended OCR languages (Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Arabic(2), Japanese,...) - New -
- Scan to DMS : SharePoint and Therefore(3) (Readiris 14 Corporate only) - New -
- Extended export formats (Word 2010, Excel 2010,...) - New -
- Linearized PDF files creation - New -
- “Right click conversion” to convert your documents in a click - New -
Create searchable PDF files
Convert standard document images & PDF files into a fully indexed, keyword-retrievable PDF document.
New formats with the best compression!
Access your documents anywhere
Automatically upload your documents to your favorite Cloud hosting service and access it anywhere you are.
New Cloud connectors!

Scan your documents from any scanner
Import your paper documents from any scanner using Readiris 14's embedded scanning wizard.



Convert paper documents into editable text files

Never retype any text, automatically send the recognized document into your favorite application. Word, Excel, Acrobat ...


Create editable and searchable PDF files

Turn all your paper documents into searchable PDF or XPS files. 4 options available: Image over Text (most common), Text over Image, Text only, Image only.


Compress your documents for optimized archiving

Create color PDF and XPS files up to 400 times smaller than the original image size. Ideal for document archiving!


Convert more than 120 different languages

Readiris™ 14 recognizes more than 120 different languages. Dedicated versions for Asian, Hebrew and Arabic characters are also available


Readiris 14 is a text recognition software that performs all your tedious retyping work in no time. Simply scan any document with your scanner, recognize it with Readiris 14 and within seconds you have a fully editable copy of your paper document in your favorite word processor, spreadsheet application or in one of the many available output application. Readiris 14 works with scanned paper documents, PDF files and image files.

Scan your Paper Documents or 
import your PDF and Image
  Your Files are automatically processed by Readiris™   You can now edit, share and store your files!
Import your documents from any scanner, including high speed scanners Quick launch with the SmartTasks button
Extracts all the texts from your documents Recognizes more than 120 different languages
Easy conversion into many formats such as PDF or XPS
Hyper compression of your documents using iHQC™

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